The Yamamoto Baits Video Series:
Howard Hughes Bed Fishes The Fat Ika

By Judy Only
Examiner.com | May 8, 2012

Bass fishing veteran Howard Hughes took a break from the bedding bass to share his bed fishing tips on one of his favorite bed baits, the Yamamoto Fat Ika.

In this video clip tip, Hughes offers up two ways to rig the Ika including the weight, the hook and the line he chooses for each one as well as the best color to put on the beds.

The Yamamoto Senko by Yamamoto Baits has been called "the most revolutionary lure introduction of the past generation" and most anglers will agree it is a big fish bait that any level of fisherman can find success with and one that the biggest of bass are attracted to.

While the Senko is a bait that many think of first when the name Yamamoto comes to mind, they also put out big bass favorites like the Kut Tail Worm, Kreature Bait, Hula Grub, Flappin' Hawg, Ika, D-Shad and many more.

Yamamoto Baits are a go-to for tournament anglers and in this series a bevy of fishermen will share their favorites Yamamoto products and secrets to success for fishing this must-have bass bait.

More information on Yamamoto Baits is available at their website.

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